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Step with us in digital marketing. Magic really matters.

Studio Snooze is award winning Croatian design studio that specializes in creative and intelligent solutions in offline and online media. During the successful nine years that we have been working, satisfied customers, both Croatian and international, have been our ultimate validation and a challenge to constantly come up with innovative and creative solutions.
The works of the Studio Snooze have been published in many magazines (American Design Awards, etc.) and books on visualization and branding. We specialize in high-quality montages and big visuals for campaigns products. We have ten years of experience in pharmaceutical marketing.
Creative solutions/main visual element of a campaign. We specialize and take great pride in high-quality photographs and montages. From an idea to a creative solution, we create a memorable visual identity.
We use retouching, photography, 3D technique and other tools, and our ultimate goal is to deliver a clear and innovative message.
Functionality and imagination are the basis of a good idea, and we have both.
We use retouching to edit photographs or photomontages, which is our area of expertise. In the advertising industry and marketing this is a very powerful tool which gives excellent results.
Editing a product and adding some magic to obtain as convincing a depiction of what the client wants as possible attract attention.
This is how the permanent customer-client relation is created.
Creating a brand from scratch, from defining the sign, colour, typography and logo to a comprehensive solution that attracts attention.
Designing a recognizable visual message, market research, creative communication and checking the competition are our areas of expertise.
Our extensive experience guarantees a professional approach. Satisfied customers are a confirmation of good relations and quality. We specialize in pharmaceutical marketing and in creating brands that are new to the market and need to be established and presented to the public.
Some of the main strong points that make us recognizable are digital applications, ads, campaigns and high-quality photomontages, for which we are world-renowned. The courage to use different unique solutions is the key to our business success.
It is important to draw attention to target groups and to be creative and unique, which makes us stand out and directs us to them. It is not important what target group this is; it is important to use the language of design, creativity and experience to do a good job. We also offer imaging and printing services.


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